A Teacher

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  • Genres: Drama
  • Year: 2013
  • Country: USA

  • Cast: Lindsay Burdge: Diana Watts, Will Brittain: Eric Tull, Jennifer Prediger: Sophia, Jonny Mars: Hunter Watts, Julie Dell Phillips: Jessica, Chris Doubek: Eric's father, Michael J. Wilson: Sophia's brother,

  • Storyline: Part psychological thriller and part provocative character study, A TEACHER explores the unraveling of a young high school teacher, Diana (Lindsay Burdge), after she begins an affair with one of her teenage students, Eric (Will Brittain). What starts as a seemingly innocent fling becomes increasingly complex and dangerous as the beautiful and confident Diana gets fully consumed by her emotions, crossing boundaries and acting out in progressively startling ways. Lindsay Burdge delivers a deeply compelling and seamlessly naturalistic performance that brings us into the mind of an adult driven to taboo against her better judgment.

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    This would be a four star film.

    Directed by: Hannah Fidell. She has a strain relationship with her family and has few intimate friends. This is a film in A Teacher that is nudging itself, trying to be set free from the restraints and the shortcomings of the finished product. She wondered how this would happen to a teacher. It doesn't take long, however, for Diana's paranoia to nearly get the best of her, as she tries to keep their relationship closeted, even as Eric begins to turn the other cheek to her at some points.Immediately, this is a story that needs to be told, and this film ostensibly will humanize and maybe justify a teacher-student relationship. The film trying to break free is a deep, involved character study on a teacher-student relationship that functions because of deep conversation and a mutual understanding between parties. The characters should've been more identifiable, the sex should've been more powerful and shocking considering the age gap, and the drama should've been thicker. However, Fidell unfortunately keeps things too heavily nuanced to be insightful and too subtle to evoke much commentary or humanity. Add another review. The film we have here is one with minimal dialog in the way of characters, a shallow, limited view on why these two would want to be together, and relatively simple sex scenes captured by a grim camera that knows no color scheme other than black or very, very gray.Having said all this, the film does in fact feature a strong lead performance by Lindsay Burdge, whose teacher character is made a sympathetic character, even with out much develop towards her.

    Besides the ethical dilemma, she is carried away to continue this fantasy to a point of no return. Near the last third of the film however, she seemed to cross the line of believable and over the top a few too many times for me.The approach of the film was interesting in that we start well into their relationship, as the teacher's life starts to unravel. The film we get is an interesting albeit mostly flat examination of an unremarkable teacher-student affair that strides along with sporadic hardships and ends in predictable calamity.Hannah Fidell wanders into mumblecore territory here, as she directors and pens the film about Diana Watts (Lindsay Burdge), a high school English teacher, in her thirties or so, who has been flirting and hanging around with student Eric Tull (Will Brittain). Lindsay Burdge, the actress playing the teacher, did an excellent job for most of the film at being seemingly normal, but obviously mentally unstable. There isn't much to Diana or Eric, and their relationship seems more existent because it's a taboo and it's not normative. She crosses the lines and begins a sexual affair with a student Eric. \n Industry information at your fingertipsOver 200,000 Hollywood insidersEnhance your IMDb PageGo to IMDbPro ┬╗Own the rights? Director Hannah Fidell got the idea of the film Teacher while she worked at a restaurant waitress and was attracted to a young patron. The two hang out frequently - mostly in each others homes so being spotted in public isn't possible - and both enjoy each others company, personality, and intimacy. We don't see why Eric has captured her eye, as he is just a typical, faceless high school teenager that comes to class everyday, does his work, and is quietly anxious sexually. The only thing I thought A Teacher was doing, by the end of it, was simply trying to push transgressive boundaries for the sake of doing so; not because it had something genuinely enlightening or strong to say.Starring: Lindsay Burdge and Will Brittain.

    There's no real indicator on why they're together in the first place. If the film didn't have Burdge at the center, at least trying to provide some sort of clarity the character's motivations in this relationship, this would've been a complete misfire.A Teacher is a serviceable, but overly-simple look at a subject that needs strong care and attention to be made human. Coming in at 75 minutes, if it were any shorter it would have been a TV Pilot, but if it were any longer I would have hated it.An interesting dive into the mind and emotion of a female teacher who has a sexual relationship with one of her students. There's no justification as to why Diana would want to date a student, or Eric in particular, seeing as if someone found out it could irreparably scar her reputation and put her out of a job.The film I was hoping A Tacher would be featured extensive dialog to develop each character, dialog in the way of both of them talking about why they like each other enough to carry out a dangerous relationship under the noses of classmates and the school administration, and had deeply intimate, satisfying sex. I saw this film as part of the Atlanta Film Festival. We can see that she thinks something of this relationship - whatever that may be - and she would be pained deeply if something wrong were to happen with it. We often hear of older men and younger women, but how about the older woman, younger man? In A Teacher, Diana is a teacher at a suburban Texas high school. The time span of when the film took place was relatively short, and the film focused more on her and her emotions than it did on the relationship, which I really liked. This film does a good job to show the humanity of Diana who simply craves emotional intimacy that she blocks from the thick wall around her. In it, she is taken away to reignite the excitement of youthful lust and adapts to the world of quickies, sexting, and fantasy of her young suitor.

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