American Wedding

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  • Genres: Comedy / Romance /
  • Year: 2003
  • Country: Germany USA

  • Cast: Jason Biggs: Jim Levenstein, Seann William Scott: Steve Stifler, Alyson Hannigan: Michelle Flaherty, Eddie Kaye Thomas: Paul Finch, Thomas Ian Nicholas: Kevin Myers, January Jones: Cadence Flaherty, Eugene Levy: Jim's Dad, Molly Cheek: Jim's Mom, Deborah Rush: Mary Flaherty, Fred Willard: Harold Flaherty, Angela Paton: Grandma, Eric Allan Kramer: Bear (as Eric Allen Kramer), Amanda Swisten: Fraulein Brandi, Nikki Schieler Ziering: Officer Krystal, Lawrence Pressman: Head Coach, Antoinette Spolar: Cultured Saleswoman (as Antoinette Levine), Alexis Thorpe: Jennifer, Reynaldo Gallegos: Leslie Summers (as Reynaldo A. Gallegos), Kate Hendrickson: Florist, Rob Nagle: Floral Assistant,

  • Storyline: The group of best friends from their days back at East Great Falls High reunite for the next great sexual adventure in their lives... a wedding with Stifler orchestrating the correlating social event... the bachelor party.

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    But this was, as the previous two, very funny.

    I've seen band camp and the naked mile also wonderful films, going to far with films on stiffer but you might bring back where Michelle and Jim just had their baby,(naked mile) and want Steve and Michelle sister as the god parents also Steve just asked Michell's sister to merry him and kinda have a reunion of all the cast from the first American pie at Steve wedding. Its full of obscene and vulgar humor so its not suitable for the audience who doesn't like this kind of stuff. and thats only Stifler the whole crew is doing all kind of funny things you must see it. Thanks a lot and I have every film and I'm looking forward to so many more. Its the best hilarious comedy film i had ever seen. not really. Michelle looks excellent in this film. There are some touchy moments too when stifler screw the things up. If you want to have some big laughs then this is it. I rate this film a 10/10.

    Looking thru out takes on this film yeah, I would have added the scene were there at the head table of the wedding and were Michelle said yeah Steve you can be like Jim brother n law. The characters are original and hilarious. I wish the same crew make another part of this film.Its best for teenage audience. but ii was delightfully surprised with American Wedding. You have made a American pie to be come were you can take something off a film or your past films and keep going with so many more American pie. I liked the part when Jim shaves his privates and throws the shavings out the window and into people's mouths and wedding cake. As with the first two films, there is a excellent soundtrack. Stifler is the character that made the whole thing worth the while. When juxtaposing American Pie 3 with the previous two, the story outline is more compact, but thus focusing more on certain aspects as the actuall process of getting the dress, which later adds to the progression of the film. Seann William scott steals the show and so does Jason Biggs and Eugene levy.

    Its a perfect time pass. The acting was excellent, so was the directing. Does he... Stifler is by far the most funniest character in the film, especially when he plays nice boy. that would have made a excellent opening for the next film. (sorry to anyone who loved it). \n \n Industry information at your fingertipsOver 200,000 Hollywood insidersEnhance your IMDb PageGo to IMDbPro ┬╗Own the rights? I loved the first american pie, but was so dissapointed with the second. For me the best comedy in the last year, amazing actors like Jason Biggs, Allison Hannigan , Thomas Ian Nichols, Eddie Kaye Thomas and off course Sean William Scott at there best. Amazing film, best episode from all American pie series, excellent job! Usually comedies coming in trilogies suck. I recommend seeing this grand finale.

    ;) The Final Film of the American pie trilogy,an unforgettable saga and american wedding made us remember.American Wedding truly made me laugh harder than any other american pie film.The funniest Film of 2003. Though I expected more of the bachelor party scene, it was in it's own quite funny, and for the people who can relate to Stifler in any way, worth watching the film. although half the original cast is now gone, the remaining few are a good mix for the last of the american pie trilogy. I laughed all the way through this film, I can't think of a funnier film, I can't wait to buy American Wedding on DVD. Its hilarious, but not so over the top that it looses the sweetness of it, being the fact that the main point of this film is the wedding of jim and michelle. Stifler throws a bachelor party when Michelle's parents are supposed to turn up, eats dog crap while saying it's chocolate, losing the ring, and having sex with Jim's grandmother. and yes i use the word cute. No pie but still a lot of fun. You just keep laughing and laughing. This is such a cute film..

    It is as funny as the previous two. My rating- 10/10 American Wedding is the funniest film in the American Pie series. Stifler is so funny, overacting so cool, and his lines are well.....loving it. What a excellent, mindless piece of entertainment! American wedding is simply hilarious. 8/10 Add another review. It is a excellent film to see in the theater while your in the mood for something like that, and a lot of fun. But idea- at the bachelor party instead of the parents catching them. His character was even more extreme than before and totally bemusing. It has surprises every moment.

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