Butterfly Effect: Revelation

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  • Genres: Fantasy / Drama / Thriller / Sci-Fi /
  • Year: 2009
  • Country: USA

  • Cast: Chris Carmack: Sam Reide, Rachel Miner: Jenna Reide, Melissa Jones: Vicki, Kevin Yon: Harry Goldburg, Lynch R. Travis: Detective Dan Glenn (as Lynch Travis), Sarah Habel: Elizabeth Brown, Mia Serafino: Rebecca Brown, Hugh Maguire: Detective Jack Nicholas, Richard Wilkinson: Lonnie Flennons, Chantel Giacalone: Anita Barnes, Michael Ellison: Anita's Boyfriend (as Michael D. Ellison), Ulysses Hernandez: Paco, Linda Boston: Landlady, Michael Paul Place: Young Sam (as Michael Place), Catherine Towne: Young Jenna, Emily Sutton-Smith: Mother in the Park, Dennis North: Sam's Father, Trevor Callaghan: Josh, Peter Malota: Assailant in the Park, Sonya A. Avakian: Meredith (as Sonya Avakian),

  • Storyline: A young man with the power to time travel attempts to solve the mystery of his girlfriend's death.

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    That is what this kind of film is suppose to do.

    Like lots of other viewers I had very low expectations, I was just a fan of the premise. Not a big deal though. Only one complain: those hip hop, rap, i don't know musics, they are awful. Rachel Miner is also really excellent, and so are the minor characters, especially the well-endowed bartender. I guess that fits with the theme, but I would've liked to be able to breath every now and then with a nice landscape shot or something. I didn't. I enjoyed it throughout and I was engaged the whole time. Its asinine, that somebody couldn't put together that Goldburg is simple somebody that helps along the main character.Either way, its rent able, buy able, and best of all watchable! So I have just watched 'The Butterfly Effect 3 Revelations' and wow! What an amazing film.The film is based about a man Sam Reide (Chris Carmack) who can time travel and makes his living helping cops identifying murder's but when he goes back in time to his girlfriends murder he can't help but intervene, which leads to more horrific events through the film.From start to finish I found my self entranced, watching trying to figure it all out. The film is confusing and it does make you think a lot! But I do believe that it was intentional trying to put you in the shoes of the main character.Its a film that gives you everything that you expect, blood, gore, nudity, a excellent plot and storyline and fantastic acting especially from Rachel Miner who plays Chris Carmack's psychopathic, mass murdering sister. At the same time plenty of legitimate clues are included.

    It is interpretation and the director. The third film is arguably better than the first, and considerably better than the second.This film is nicely complicated but the plot is still easy to follow. This and plenty of gore give the film its rating. The original "Butterfly Effect" starring Aston Kutcher was more a vaguely interesting concept masquerading as a feature film than a fully-realized story. Okay- it was clearly made on a pretty small budget and there were some of the edges were a little rough, but generally this was a pleasant, if not elevated, genre film with some good scares, at least one standout performance and an interesting take on a series that was worn out before it began.Unlike its predecessors, the most surprising thing about "Revelation" is that it actually has a story and fully-realized characters.A disturbing cold open murder in a Detroit park sets a gloomy tone and introduces us to Sam Reed (Chris Carmack) who callously watches the murder take place from a safe distance.We soon learn that Sam possesses the power to jump back anywhere in time in his own personal past. The maze of temporal changes is just delicious. Chris Carmack shows major dramatic chops. This film will be certainly forgotten, and i think 90% of the world population doesn't even know it exists. I can see him being the next Viggo Mortensen. Soon he is a suspect in the murders that he formerly helped solve and the real killer is closing in on him.The killer's identity is well concealed until it is very close to being revealed at which point it seems the filmmakers had run out of red herrings to use as distractions.Overall, however, "Revelation" is a pleasant surprise against such radically low expectations and, while it is not "Citizen Kane" it is an entertaining genre film with some excellent writing, decent direction and an inspiring performance from Miner.

    The acting isn't top notch, but the story is so good and well put together, that you wont stop watching the film. Some very nice moments in the film are undercut with overlong scenes and sloppy editing. I had not seen the plot, I wasn't expecting it and I thought it was quite good actually. I would recommend it. The Kutcher version at least had novelty going for it even if it was missing a story but the second film is simply a remake of the first with an unknown cast and director.Brix's script, while not perfect, is miles ahead of its predecessors in terms of creating a film that is more plot than gimmick. Anymore and you would expect a second shoe to drop. \n \n Industry information at your fingertipsOver 200,000 Hollywood insidersEnhance your IMDb PageGo to IMDbPro »Own the rights? (Warning: Minor Spoilers) Trilogies are usually predictable. This film even avoids the cliché it is named after, where a small change in one place creates huge changes elsewhere. As the whole film completed I got the picture of a deranged sibling that was obsessed not only with her brother but with fire.I didn't find anything wrong with the acting and can't understand why amateurs always try to critique that. Aside from a couple of problems, I was pleasantly surprised.

    The other problem is that sometimes characters and relationships are unclear and a couple times I had to ask my wife who this person was or why this person thinks that now, but she understood it pretty well and felt that the confusion was intentional so that the audience would feel like the main character, who's really confused by all the time travel.The two leads in this one -- which probably couldn't get big stars because of its low budget -- were both outstanding. But one day he breaks one of his rules: he intervens and thanks to that, he alters time line. I like rap music but in some spots of the film it seemed a little out of place. Having just watched S Darko and the 2009 Land of the Lost, this is definitely the best time travel film this year and in the last few.Mark Charke I gave this film probably a higher score than most. The first one has to be pretty good for the trilogy to exist. Good lines of dialogue that should have ended the scene were lost in unnecessary further expository jibber jabbering by the actors.As the film goes on we're introduced to Sam's sister (Rachel Miner) who is both his caretaker when he is having his time traveling out of body experiences and his ward as an emotionally fragile, sardonic shut-in. You find this out as Sam time jumps and at the end. I thought they all did quite well and the film kept me on the edge of my seat. Miner's performance nails a character really well and when she's on screen the film really comes to life. While the director does leave a loose thread for a sequel but the film wraps things up so nicely and it's so well done, I just don't see anyone pursuing that kind of cheesy angle for any further films in this series.I can't believe this film did not make it to theatres locally.

    You have to think to watch and understand this flick. Although spotty, Carnack manages to pump out a few scenes that reach an authentic emotional quality.Sam soon learns that someone else is jumping into a mutual past and changing events faster than he can. Time travel has been something authors have written about for more than a hundred years. Butterfly Effect 2 is an inept pile of cinematic garbage that was only made because the same German audiences that go apeshit for David Hasselhoff also think that Butterfly Effect is the "Citizen Kane" of Aston Kutcher time-travel films. I own the Butterfly Effect and even though an OK film as these types of films go, I found this to be the best of the three films. What's more, time travel provides all the solutions for this thriller, although the director can't help but include a final terrible cost.The time travel brain damage is placed nicely in this film. Maybe that was also a budget issue.Overall, although I didn't see this film in the theater -- it was out for a week, apparently - - watching it at home felt like I'd caught a really cool late-night TV show. Trust me.I can't really comment on anything more without spoilers so just give it a shot. (How many people turn out to have survived the destruction of Krypton by now?) So in this film there is an old master time-jumper who presumably has any number of disciples by now.

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