Grown Ups

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  • Genres: Comedy /
  • Year: 2010
  • Country: USA

  • Cast: Adam Sandler: Lenny Feder, Kevin James: Eric Lamonsoff, Chris Rock: Kurt McKenzie, David Spade: Marcus Higgins, Rob Schneider: Rob Hilliard, Salma Hayek: Roxanne Chase-Feder (as Salma Hayek Pinault), Maria Bello: Sally Lamonsoff, Maya Rudolph: Deanne McKenzie, Joyce Van Patten: Gloria, Ebony Jo-Ann: Mama Ronzoni, Di Quon: Rita, Steve Buscemi: Wiley, Colin Quinn: Dickie Bailey, Tim Meadows: Malcolm, Madison Riley: Jasmine Hilliard, Jamie Chung: Amber Hilliard, Ashley Loren: Bridget Hilliard, Jake Goldberg: Greg Feder, Cameron Boyce: Keithie Feder, Alexys Nycole Sanchez: Becky Feder,

  • Storyline: After their high school basketball coach passes away, five good friends and former teammates reunite for a Fourth of July holiday weekend.

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    when kids used to go outside from morning to night to play; and not sit inside glued to a screen or any sort.

    There is a flimsy story line with a feel good message but even the actors seem to treat this like it's a stand up festival.In addition to the main actors being funny, all the supporting players are hilarious including Maya Rudolph's 'mama', bunion and all as well as Gloria, the hippie sex starved wife of Rob Schneider.I guess this film proves that when you go in expecting nothing all you can get is pleasantly surprised. It certainly appeals to me and to many other people.That's what I think people can argue with me but that's their opinion. If you're expecting an old Adam sandler film then chances are you won't like it.. I honestly believe this film was excellent. I mean look at Avatar? No one says "Hey, Pandora isn't real! Let's hate on it!" Movies don't need to be realistic they just need to appeal to people. So if you read this and you want to see a funny film, pick any of his. The man deserves an Oscar because he makes me laugh. I used to watch all kinds of genres when I was younger but growing up I have witnessed enough suffering to not want to have it served as entertainment. No way someone that fat can get someone that hot! Really? It's a film. My favourite character though is the fatter one can't remember any of there names haven't seen this film in a while.

    watch it with friends, drink beer, think how you are going to look in 10-20 years and you will find it very funny! And I still think that its USA to blame! For the good people from Europe- watch it! The actors are fine, yes the story is known but not "Adam Sandler known". More and more I am enjoying the art of comedy. I guess they just don't have a sense of humor because I watched it twice and in both times all the people in the cinema where laughing so loud all the time. By far my favourite film. Add another review. Anyways I've read a couple comments and the people who hate on this film are probably out of their teen years. The humor is very real humor.. and then it rolls into another funny scene. The story is about five good friends and former teammates who reunite for a Fourth of July holiday weekend after their high school basketball coach passes away. I think there is something wrong with you "americans"! You really hate Adam Sandler.

    rate a 10 out of 10! The story line is excellent. I usually like Adam Sandler films. They all meet up there and decide that they are going to go to camp to spread the coaches ashes. don't over look this film. That's why I love it, the only "villains" of this film are some middle aged guys that they beat in a basketball game years ago and that never reaches anything but name calling.All of the characters are likable and seem like one big family, the actors gel really well together and I love the ad lib scenes. the boys Adam, Kevin, Chris, David and rob to a excellent job bringing back the old days of summer. Now sure it doesn't have a plot but that doesn't make it stop from being a good film. even the stupid parts; like the night time water bottle scene. Anyway the main story is that there old coach from high school dies. It's just another Adam Sandler feel-good film, and if you like these (I certainly do), you will like this film too.

    the film has heart, i'm telling you, you should go see it despite what other people say; they probably hold their phones like they're drinking tea, little finger up. I can't tell you anything else or I will spoil it. The film is centered around them. its just a bunch of men being...well, boys. And it is hilarious...You don't laugh throughout the film, but you are likely to have like a series of laughs... I have to say that when I saw the previews for this film I thought it looked like another Adam Sandler film where he strokes his own ego. I still watch this film just when I want to be cheered up.The excellent thing about this film is it is just for fun and laughter, there is no evil villain hoping to take over the world, no evil person making a clich├ęd evil laugh to the camera, it's just a group of friends and their wives having a fantastic weekend. take this film for what it is at face value. Hot girls, funny jokes, sports, etc. its was stupid and pointless, but funny.

    And for the most part that is true, Hollywood agent, huge house and married to Salma Hayek? Um, OK, we can suspend disbelief on that one. i know i miss those days. But this is one of the funniest films I have seen yet. I have had this with every film I have seen featuring Adam Sandler. Its about a bunch of grown up friends who get together at a cabin and their adventures for a couple of days... Don't miss it because you will have some good time watching it. Anyway thanks for taking the time to read this. But all other ones I love, ones like Big Daddy, Little Nicky and Mr Deeds, all the way up to The Longest Yard, Hotel Transylvania and Grown Ups. I've seen it 2 years ago and I still remember how much it was funny and me and all my friends there were laughing hysterically! :) I can't imagine how some comments say its not funny or boring.

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