Just for the Record

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  • Genres: Comedy /
  • Year: 2010
  • Country: UK

  • Cast: Karen Anderson: Little Miss Whiplash, Barry Austin: Karate fighter, Alice Barry: Mrs Beatty, Steven Berkoff: Mike Rosferry, Philip Davis: Ed Grains, Isabelle Defaut: Carrie Mileu, Danny Dyer: Derek La Farge, Joe Egan: Big Joe, Craig Fairbrass: Malcolm 'Mental Fists' Wickes, Jamie Foreman: Graham, Stuart Furlong: Cinema manager, Ciaran Griffiths: Danny Allgen, Richard Grimes: Kiaran the card player, Amii Grove: Jenny, Mark Hall: Colin, Frank Harper: Jim, Jenna Harrison: Sophie, Dean Kayne: Club Barman, Tracy Kirby: Barbie, Gil Kolirin: Vincent the Valet,

  • Storyline: A year after the collapse of a low-budget British rom-com, documentary maker Andy Wiseman sets out to find out what went wrong. He speaks to the producer, Nicholas Johnson, an alcoholic whose office is a lap-dancing club, the writer, Flynn Beatty, living in a suburban semi, and the deluded 'visionary' director, Harlan Noble, dwelling in deserved obscurity. But as the cast and crew tell their tale, will Andy ever get to the bottom of the farrago that was 'Just for the Record'?

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    Puts in a top boss-eyed performance.Overall this is an entertaining piece of film which I found hilarious.

    There are shoddy moments but some very funny one's along with some good performances along with some very bad ones, its basically a mar-mite film that you will either love or hate. So thats something, right?At the end of the day, I support British films, and British actors. Now that is off my chest... Dyer's screen time is bare minimal and actually pretty lame. ** Add another review. His mannerisms, the 'eye', the hair and that trampoline scene... Industry information at your fingertipsOver 200,000 Hollywood insidersEnhance your IMDb PageGo to IMDbPro ┬╗Own the rights? I first heard of this film in our local newspaper as they were shooting in Essex, I then found out it had a pretty impressive set of actors from various British films so I thought I would check it out on DVD.I actually really enjoyed 'Just For The Record'. If you want to see this film based on Danny Dyer or Craig Fairbrass then don't bother. Fairbrass doesn't surface until around 65 minutes into the film and plays his typical mouthy hardnut role. I bought it..

    :-) I brought this film expecting to see a nice square off between Danny Dyer and Craig Fairbrass only to sit down to watch a comedy containing Rik Mayall, Phil Davis and Stephen Berkoff. Its watchable, predictable and AT TIMES laughable. Ian Virgo - Easily the best character in the film. he looked like he should of had some classic one liners. First off.... The guy had me in stitches. But hey, give it a go. He got my attention every scene he was in but he was quiet.Good work Steve Jenna Harrison is the best thing in this film, and she didn't even have any lines.But you know what, it was watchable. A rather gay Colin Salmon is a particular highlight. I kept expecting something excellent to happen, or for the storyline to come together, but it just didn't.

    and have to say that my favourite character was Flynn Beatty (Ian Virgo). A lot of the storyline was a bit confusing, and sometimes didn't make sense. and I own it.I have watched it... He is a one shot pony and seeing him try to act comedy is kind of funny but at the same time it really isn't.There is a juicy selection of some legendary British actors in this film, but they really are only cameo appearances. You would expect more from such a seemingly good cast. You can see from the ratings that they are obviously fake as you would have to be sectioned if you gave this film a 10 star but in saying that giving a 1 star is totally unjustified too, Far from the worst film ever but also just as far from being a excellent. one of the reasons I enjoyed watching to the end.And I so wanted to hear Bristol Barry (Pete Morgan's character) speak... I think the main problem is a lot of people will buy this DVD based on Danny Dyer, but will then realise after watching the film it was just a marketing tactic to sell the film. At some points in the film Rik Mayalls dialogue actually sounds like someone is doing a bad impression of him.Yes it is low budget and yes it isn't the best film in the world, however I really, really enjoyed it found myself crying with laughter throughout.Just to support this film and everyone involved I am giving it 10/10. Of course this film is also worth seeing if you are a Rik Mayall fan, but once again don't expect too much as he isn't given enough time in front of the camera.

    Its not brilliant, at times its not even good. I admit, I was a bit disappointed, but I watched it all the way through. Poor Roland Manookian isn't even mentioned on the front or back of the DVD and he along with the legendary Geoff Bell dominate screen time.This film is worth watching for 2 reasons:1. STAR RATING: ***** Saturday Night **** Friday Night *** Friday Morning ** Sunday Night * Monday Morning After a hotly tipped film turns into a complete disaster, documentary maker Andy Wiseman (Rik Mayall) tracks some notable people involved down a year later to get their input behind what went wrong, mainly the director Harlan Noble (Roland Manookian), camera man Mike Rosferry (Steven Berkoff), sleazy producer Derek La Farge (Danny Dyer), actor and alcoholic in denial Wilson Barnes (Billy Murray) and hears how things got nasty when underworld heavy Malcolm 'Mental Fists' Wickes (Craig Fairbrass) came looking for the funding he invested in the film when he saw what a damp squib it was.Just for the Record has set out as both a clever mock documentary about a troubled/abandoned production and a clever parody of the British film industry, but isn't awfully successful as either. An obviously low budget piece, with a misleading and cheap looking front cover, it has a veritable cast of hot British talent but gives them material none of them seem capable of pulling off (Danny Dyer with a luvvie accent?!?) It's far too inspired an idea to be a complete failure, and it produces the odd chuckle here and there, but the flaws are very clear to see and it all only achieves half the desired effect. took me ages to find this film in HMV, simply because the cover was not what I expected. For some reason the film has been marketed with the various 'big names' in the film. Now I'm not saying this is a excellent film, in fact its far from it but this does have some good points if you have good attention skills as its not your normal film you can just put on and watch as you have to concentrate bloody hard when you watch it. Steven Berkoff - Had me in stitches!2. .

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