The Extra Man

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  • Genres: Comedy /
  • Year: 2010
  • Country: USA France

  • Cast: Katie Holmes: Mary Powell, John C. Reilly: Gershon Gruen, Kevin Kline: Henry Harrison, Paul Dano: Louis Ives, Dan Hedaya: Aresh, Alicia Goranson: Sandra, John Pankow: George, Patti D'Arbanville: Katherine Hart, Celia Weston: Meredith Lagerfeld, Marisa Ryan: Tanya, Jason Butler Harner: Otto Bellman, Marian Seldes: Vivian Cudlip, Alex Burns: Brad, Lynn Cohen: Lois Huber, Jackie Hoffman: Pushy Woman, Justis Bolding: , Beth Fowler: Ms. Marsh, Jean Brassard: Waiter, David Boston: Neighbor, Rafael Sardina: Chicken Man,

  • Storyline: A man who escorts wealthy widows in New York's Upper East Side takes a young aspiring playwright under his wing.

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    Kline redeems his comic traits in "The Extra Man," the character is zany, and eccentric, fully of mystery, and entertaining stories.

    Once in New York City without connections, he answers an ad for an inexpensive apartment sharing – the ad having been submitted by one very strange Henry Harrison (Kevin Kline), an older down on his heels writer and playwright who supports himself teaching college level literature and who considers himself an aristocrat, serving as an 'escort' for older wealthy women. If you see it and "get it," you will enjoy bonding with others of like minds. This film can also been seen as a kind of Bildungssroman, a voyage of exploration of a young acolyte at the hands of an older mentor, with a twist of course, since the young man in this case explores sexual paths not sanctioned by the older Kline. Reilly), and gives in to his urge to learn about cross-dressing by visiting a 'teacher ' and finally a make-over artist who places him in the role of a 'woman'. Worth the time and intellectual investment (helps to watch at least partly aware and awake). Intellectually stimulating, fun, and most importantly, different than the average film. One has the overwhelming feeling, he won't be able to survive in this world. Ending on a feel-good note with the credits rolling to a zany variation of a Marc Bolan written T-Rex number 'Dandy in the Underworld'. He is indeed one of the better actors of recent times.And also, not forgetting, the strange character of Gershon Gruen (played by John C. Industry information at your fingertipsOver 200,000 Hollywood insidersEnhance your IMDb PageGo to IMDbPro »Own the rights? Way too much will be given away if I attempt to describe the storyline.

    It is a fresh breath of change in the film scene for me. Give it a try. The story is excellent but it has some flaws in the script, such an original film should have had some catchy, clever lines. Jonathan Ames, a writer of eccentric novels, penned the book on which this bizarre film is based. The story is beautiful, the cinematography is beautiful, the music is beautiful, and so forth. As if he has been removed from the pot a bit too quickly. This is a story that will stay with you for a long, long time.Thumbs up, way, way up from me! Great to see Kevin Kline in a witty role again. If you like Kevin Kline, you'll like this film. Grady Harp This film actually took me by surprise.First of all, let me start off by saying that the story is so compelling and spellbinding that it will blow you away. Kline should be applauded for an intelligent performance that transforms quirks, weirdness, and eccentricity into a believable portrait of warped but very real idealism.

    Louis' experience with transvestism fails and alienates Henry – for a brief time. Kevin Kline is excellent in playing the eccentric landlord. Riley's performance was quite hilarious, even if it is a small role. Despite the tag-line, there is indeed erotica at work on screen, but sexuality is never depicted for its own sake. Kevin Kline is hilarious as an off beat character whose political and social views are quite out of the ordinary. This is one of the better films I have seen in a while. SPOILER: Are we so jaded by Hollywood banality that we can't wait till the end of the film to see that Kline's character Henry has been telling the truth about himself all along, that he is a Rosenkavalier (the theme is underscored by the subplot whether or not the young Louis will marry the old rich woman's niece)? The end, in fact, cleverly establishes the ambiguity that seems to dominate the film, but in fact is a precise and well-targeted resolution. I need alcohol and civilization". Totally haunting film experience that's not a blockbuster but needs to be seen by people who can appreciate "quirk." This film should become a cult classic at the very least and a long-running topic of conversation at cocktail parties. It was a film that I watched by myself on a lonely night and it certainly took me out of my head.this is the only film I have ever watched that I was motivated to write the review for.

    I also like Paul Dano and think he really played this character well. The film allows the audience to ponder, while not being overly ambiguous. Kevin Kline creates the sort of character we haven't seen in a long time, not since Clifton Webb, Noel Coward or even George Sanders, an actor dares to step into the uncomfortable zone with so much wit and panache. He is the reason to see the film and in my book, that's reason enough. Cleverly written lines give some snickers, excellent techniques at times transported me. But you'll certainly see something 'new'Paul Dano is brilliant in his role as Louis Ives, the young gentleman who struggles about his sexual identity and being born late to this world... This is made clear at the end by several scenes and twists, which I won't reveal here. The metaphor of the pigeons is a clever one observed by Henry (Kevin Kline) himself, in this high-brow yet Oscar Wildeish thrust-and-parry into the world of the Henry and his protégé, the young gentleman. it was quirky yet boldly in-touch and the humor spoke to me. Reilly sings and Kevin Kline teaches Paul Dano to dance, is a keeper for my memory bank.

    There is just something about this film that is so unique in every way.The characters in this film are so fantastically unique, quirky and lovable. The only problem I can see is the lack of a back story at the beginning that explains the many quirks upon which rest the narration and the character development. In fact, it is the contrast between the apparently shallow lifestyle to which he aspires with all his parasitical schemes and his brutal honesty throughout (for example, admitting that he is manoeuvring his roommate Dano/Louis Ives merely to get a ride) is what carries the psychological mechanics of the film. Suffice it to say that even a total lack or overabundance of plot wouldn't detract from its fascination quotient if you enjoy edginess and the unexpected, A side of NYC life never before portrayed on screen. The 3 mens antics as a team are funny as well as touching. His look of horror at his woman self was priceless, especially when he had to dodge flying Christmas ornaments from harry. Wonderfully diverse soundtrack ranging from classical/opera to T-Rex and Velvet Underground. His young protégé is also entertaining, with humor, and drama. Thoroughly undercooked.

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