The Karate Kid

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  • Genres: Family / Drama / Sport /
  • Year: 1984
  • Country: USA

  • Cast: Ralph Macchio: Daniel Larusso, Pat Morita: Mr. Kesuke Miyagi (as Noriyuki 'Pat' Morita), Elisabeth Shue: Ali Mills, Martin Kove: John Kreese, Randee Heller: Lucille Larusso, William Zabka: Johnny Lawrence, Ron Thomas: Bobby Brown, Rob Garrison: Tommy, Chad McQueen: Dutch, Tony O'Dell: Jimmy, Israel Juarbe: Freddy Fernandez, William Bassett: Mr. Mills, Larry B. Scott: Jerry, Juli Fields: Susan, Dana Andersen: Barbara, Frank Burt Avalon: Chucky, Jeff Fishman: Billy, Ken Daly: Chris, Tom Fridley: Alan, Pat E. Johnson: Referee,

  • Storyline: Daniel is new in town, and is getting picked on by the local bullies, who all are adept in karate. Determined to stick up for himself, Daniel begins to teach himself karate, only to discover that the caretaker at his apartment seems to be a grand master in karate. Agreeing to teach Daniel, Mr. Miyagi shows Daniel that there is more to karate than violence, and perhaps the best way to solve the problem he has with the bullies is in the All Valley Karate Championship.

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    A number of the fights are quite brutal, especially in the ones where John Kreese's (Martin Kove) Cobra Kai students are featured, as he frequently trains them the brutal way of "no mercy," which Mr.

    He goes with the flow. "The Karate Kid" is a cult-film of many generations. Miyagi is quick to realize is not the way of karate."The Karate Kid" gets a perfect 10/10. There are also a few scenes in which ethnic slurs are used by rednecks toward Miyagi.Taking this into light, and taking the fact that Daniel has no father that we know of in this film, the name Daniel-san (sounds like Daniel-SON) helps demonstrate a father son bond that is overlooked. Miyagi (Played by Pat Morita, who has since passed away) for help, and finds not only the skills to earn Johnny's Respect, But a father in the form of an old Okinawan Janitor.This film defines Good. One thing however I find almost unbelievable, is that in this film, Ralph Macchio is almost 23 years old. Like the main character Daniel-san, who earned dignity and respect through karate, so too did Pat Morita earn dignity and respect as an actor for his role as Mr. However, the bully Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) comes with his gang of bad boys and argues with Ali, who was his former girlfriend. With his ability to pull off such a young role and his performances in The Outsiders along with these Karate Kid films I believe he is one of the best actors ever. The characters really play off of each other and the result is astounding.

    Even though he has no idea what hes doing. Miyagi was created, a natural and defining role for Pat Morita. Mayagi teaches him respect, discipline, and anyone can over come their fears. The story is about an underdog (Daniel LaRusso), and his efforts to defeat the wrongly taught 'bad' students. Daniel meets the gorgeous and wealthy Ali Mills (Elisabeth Shue) that lives in Encino and they immediately feel attracted by each other. they bond in that way and it's something that should be done more often in films.Daniel LaRusso (Played by Ralph Macchio) has left new jersey with his mother to start a new life in the Run down part of what might be Los Angeles, California. It has a excellent plot, 2 brilliantly played leading actors, and a excellent finish. Mr. Miyagi calls him, is the son he never had. This film is a legend in my eyes.

    Miyagi teaching him karate, so that he can compete in an upcoming martial arts tournament; this requires Daniel to undergo some pretty unconventional training - "wax on, wax off; paint fence - side to side" etc. This will be played over and over...and over again on my poor DVD player for another 10 years (hopefully!).I really do recommend it to the younger generation....BRILLIANT MOVIE...9/10!! Add another review. While Daniel Larusso might not have a father, Mr. All in all, this film is a must see and an extremely good classic. Daniel makes the mistake of hitting on Ali (Elisabeth Shue), who unknown to him, is the ex-girlfriend of Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka), and Daniel takes a pretty brutal beating from the martial arts-trained Johnny, that leaves him scarred but with his pride and dignity still in tact.The number of violent clashes with Johnny and his brutal Cobra Kai martial arts friends continue, until Daniel is saved by Mr. So if you don't have anything better to do, then check out Karate Kid. Daniel, who is a big up stater, clashes with the rich people of the Cali high life and learns that not all people are who they seem. Lucille Larusso (Randee Heller) moves with her teenage son Daniel Larusso (Ralph Macchio) from Newark, New Jersey, to Reseda, California to work in a better job in Rocket Computer Company. Another thing that really impressed me was that I heard that Billy Zabka really took that kick to the face in the conclusion of the tournament. Daniel defends her and is beaten up and humiliated by Johnny in front of his new friends.

    That is an understatement, this is not just a very good film, it is a perfect film, a perfect, perfect film! Yes that's right, this film is a very good film, one of the best films I've seen in a few years. Miyagi. As if through divine intervention, the role of Mr. What is this moral? Being a father. Daniel meets a neighbor in his building and tells him that he fights karate; the neighbor invites him to go to a party on the beach. The Kobra Cai, as they are called in the film, bully Daniel and Daniel just seems like he has no choice but to take revenge. The real star of the show (at least in the minds of a number of critics, and the Academy), is Morita as Mr. It is very down-to-earth and realistic, and that may of course be a bit of a turn-off to some hardcore fanboys that may watch this film thinking it'll be something like "The Matrix" (1999) or "Enter the Dragon" (1973).The fighting here is in its own style and mode of action. I got to view the film my freshman year in high school as part of a class, but the instructor watered down the experience so much that the film lost its potency.Now a few years later, I finally watch the film without any intrusion from the outside world and I find a truly marvelous picture that's far better than its many stylized contemporaries, i.e. I can say that I totally and completely enjoyed this film all the way through this film from start to finish! As for rating this film, I will award it another perfect score of ten stars out of ten! This is a film that is 100% excellent, there is nothing negative that I have to say about this film, nothing at all, not one single negative thing, nothing! The Karate Kid is one of the best films of 1984, and not only that, but it is also one of the best films of the 1980's! Also, this is another film that requires viewing, I mean that you need to see it if you haven't seen it already, because you will probably love it!There is another thing that I liked about this film, the performances.

    So he learns the next best thing--KARATE. Miyagi heals Daniel and goes to academy where Johnny and his friends learn karate and he asks their violent instructor John Kreese (Martin Kove) to order his students to give a break in the beatings; in return, he accepts that Daniel participates in an all-valley tournament two months later. Now Mr. I've searched the internet looking for good articles about the films and there's a very funny article by humorist Rob Bloom about Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso on Rob Bloom's website. Miyagi. "The Matrix" trilogy, which is the best example of that trend.Ralph Macchio stars as Daniel LaRusso, a new kid to a picturesque southern California community that looks a lot like something you'd see in a magazine advertisement. Morita was humbled by the following incidents in his life: interned during WWI, suffered from a weak spine, short in stature and a stereotypical Japanese, nicknamed "Hip Nip" and casted for mainly comically roles in American TV and cinema. Miyagi in the Karate Kid series what Daniel-san always gains at the end of each film: dignity, respect, and honor to compensate for all the times of abuse, suffering, and humiliation. This is one of the best films of the 80's.

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