Zone of the Dead

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  • Genres: Action / Horror /
  • Year: 2009
  • Country: Italy Spain

  • Cast: Ken Foree: Agent Mortimer Reyes, Kristina Klebe: Agent Mina Milius, Emilio Roso: Prisoner, Miodrag Krstovic: Inspector Dragan Belic, Vukota Brajovic: Armageddon, Steve Agnew: Professor, Nenad Ciric: President, Marko Janjic: Jan, Ariadna Cabrol: Angela, Eugeni Roig: Chief of Bureau, Iskra Brajovic: Yovana, Zoran Miljkovic: Milan, Maria Kawecka: President's Secretary, Bojan Dimitrijevic: Rookie Cop, Zivko Grubor: Petrovic, Vahidin Prelic: Agent Bottin, Nenad Herakovic: Spook, Jelena Radenovic: Nun, Vanja Kapetanovic: Soldier #1, Zeljko Sesta: Agent Savini,

  • Storyline: A police-escorted prisoner transport supervised by Interpol sets off to Belgrade. The route leads the transport through Pancevo, where they encounter an ecological disaster and infected people who are trying to kill them. Interpol agents Mortimer Reyes and Mina Milius soon realize that their only chance for escape from the zombie hordes lies in allying with the dangerous, mysterious prisoner. Written by tokivud

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    Plenty voiced itself positive on this new film, Serbia's first ever foray into serious horror territory, but also, some people are only too happy to level severe negative criticism based, it seems, purely on the fact that "Zone of the Dead" is not Dawn of the Dead, or Day of the Dead, or even Diary.Well, Milan Todorovic is no George Romero, but the more careful dissection of this film shows us he never fostered such intentions.

    "Serbian English" dialog can sound silly and stilted to Serbian audiences, but this effect will be lost in foreign territories, where people are just used to hearing accented English as a sign of plot taking part abroad. I honestly looked much better films than this, but this film is not as bad as you wrote, because I watched much worse films of this genre than this one.Movie has interesting scenes in which I enjoyed, that makes it worthwhile to look. Seriously, this film gets a 7/10 simply because it did what films are initially intended to do - entertain. It is refreshing to see such deadpan zombie concept, especially when genrebending projects like World War Z and Zombieland start piling up. You're thinking "But wait, there's been about a million of these zombie films out lately, and I'm sick of them." Well, you'd be right, I'm pretty sick of them too, but this one has Ken Foree in it? Remember him? He's the guy who said "When hell is full, the dead will walk the Earth." He says something really similar here, but changed enough so that the film makers don't get sued by George Romero. Unlike Romero's "it just happened" basic explanation, Zone of the Dead weaves in slight political and ecological subplots, which are very much tied in with the environmental situation in his hometown of Pancevo. Mina is ready for some shotgun action. It's an Eastern European zombie film with Ken Foree in it. And there will be (zombie) blood!Her partner is played by that super cool black dude from the original Dawn of the Dead. The dialog for a few characters is a little absurd, but it could also be the acting.Most of the cast does a good job 99% of the time.It explorers the human element in the face of death.( (SPOILER ALeRT)Characters reevaluate either values in the face of death and danger, unexpected bonds are formed in order to survive.The Zombie in this story are undead like in the original "Night of the Living Dead.

    the slow and fast zombie mix was a refreshing twist which worked well and showed an almost pecking order between the undead! i wont spoil this film by giving away the plot too much but i will say with a bit more money behind him this director could give Romero a run for his money!! Zone of the Dead is the first zombie actioner produced in Serbia. There are some rather irritating moments when the main protagonists whilst running from hordes of pursuing zombies still find time to stop mid flight to engage in some rather meaningless and throwaway conversation and one liners but not enough to spoil the film. Uh-oh! There's been a chemical spill in Serbia, and you know what the means, right? Zombies ahoy! This film doesn't really waste any time getting to the good stuff, which, in a zombie film, basically means it's not long before all our actors are running about shooting shambling corpses in the head and arguing with each other. that been said, with the resources available this is a little gem of a film for all zombie/horror film fans. However I am a huge zombie fan and I haven't seen very many Zombie Movies that have not entertained me.Zone of the Dead is one of my favorite new zombie films. If you like the old school feel, this film is worth a look and will satisfy your blood lust, if you prefer the more high end, special effect type of film, it's probably not for you. I think a lot of '70th zombie horrors are better... you should watch this film, for fun. She and her men are attacked by hungry zombies and the terror starts.Hordes of crazy looking zombies with white eyes are on every single street corner, looking for fresh human pray. First of all "Zone of the Dead" is a genre film.

    but after all... Foree, who is now thirty years removed from his memorable Dawn of the Dead episode, delivers a strong, authoritative performance as a man with inner strife battling both himself and the zombie plague. This film, although low budget and with flaws does on the whole entertain albeit in a predictable fashion with few surprises. It is currently in Serbian cinemas. Put these together with a desire to make a decent "B" zombie film and you get magic. So spooky and nasty! But, don't worry. The long-anticipated "Zone of the Dead" has finally hit the Serbian theatrical circuit, and so far, it seems the critics are mixed. You've got to hedge your bets when making a generic zombie film! Throw in some annoying teens and an old guy, and you're all set to go!Look, if you buy this film, you're buying a film called Apocalypse of the Dead. Tney are not like "The 28 Days Later" creature in which they are infecyed with the rage virus. Whether you love it or hate will be your decision solely, but at very least, hats off to the production team for attempting something as bold and looking to break new ground into an otherwise stale market.

    A John Carpenter nut by self-admission, Todorovic, along with his colleague and namesake Konjevic, has crafted here a zombie film within something you could name a "Carpenterian" creative domain. There are some just frightfully terrible scenes that will have you rolling, there's a fair amount of violence, the acting is atrocious, the script was just amazingly horrid. The Story: Story in film is one of 10 000 stories like this! Just look, We got average film from Serbia with dead man... Some scenes lack the intended punch, and the shake-cam choreography will certainly have as much fans as detractors. If you are looking for some aEpic masterpiece you are looking in the wrong place. If you're an old-school horror fanatic, you'll definitely find some entertainment value in this. Nowadays in the horror genre, many aspiring young filmmakers make a conscious effort to make their film "so bad, it's good", but fail miserably. :D And one more stupid: Scene in White house, is in Parliament in Belgrade. This film is trying to play the zombie threat straight and to spice it up with gunfights and action and I guess audience of Resident Evil-series will find it useful to fill the gap between installments of that film franchise.The set-up echoes Carpenter's Assault on Precinct 13 and the zombie action is along the lines of Lamberto Bava's Demons. This film achieves this because it's genuine.

    It ain't high art. In film's defence, however, 35mm stock is pretty expensive (especially for rookie directors), and daytime scenes look wonderful with a slight sepia tint adding grindhouse flavour.All things considered, this is an OK horror picture, from a country which has no horror tradition whatsoever. He is excellent too - Foree knows how to kill that zombie bastards.Let's hope there will be a sequel very soon. It entertained the wife, who very rarely even gets the motivation to sit down with me to watch these things, so that must say something right there. The plot is very Carpenteresque and pits a group of police officers escorting a prisoner against the zombie infestation caused by an ecological disaster.Zone of the Dead doesn't try to expand and bend the genre territory, it opts to be exploitation in the Italian sense and reminds of Italian exploitation films from the early 80s with Fred Williamson in charge. Even though the contagion can be passed through the bite of the infected, which kills you, then returns you to life!! This little film was able to capture something that many, many horror films haven't been able to capture since the late 80s/early 90s - it's so bad, it's good. It's very fast paced and exciting, just like a zombie film should be.It is a story about a young Interpol agent Mina (played by smoking' hot Kristina Klebe of Rob Zombie's Halloween fame) and her assignment in Serbia. Maybe because Italians were involved as co-producers. Although it starts off relatively slow, it builds to a excellent climax.

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